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Lesson TitleSubjectGrade LevelTechnology Integrated
Lesson TitleSubjectGrade LevelTechnology Integrated
Across Classrooms Any All Skype 
Ancient Kingdoms of Egypt History 9-12 Wordle 
Arrest Records of Rosa Parks History 9-12 R-W-T Letter Generator or blog 
Book Reviews English, Reading 5-12 Garageband, Audacity, Video camera, Webcam 
Cook it, Taste it, ICT it Social Studies, Foods 9-12 Video editing (iMovie, MovieMaker, JayCut), Video camera, Digital Camera, Wiki or Blog 
Creating a Virtual Museum Social Studies 5-12 Wiki 
Creating Digital Diagrams and Graphic Organizers All 3-12 Creately or Webspiration 
Creating Wordle Word Clouds All 3-12 Wordle 
CSI Twitter Science 5-8, 9-12 Twitter, YouTube, Twitpic, Digital camera, Video camera (Flip video) 
Cuban Missile Crisis History 9-12 SMART Board, Internet, Video, Digital Diagramming Tools 
Current Events News Summary Report Any 5-12 Jing, Internet 
Foundations of U.S. Government Social Studies 9-12 Digital presentation app, Digital camera, Garageband, Flip video, iMovie, Audacity, MovieMaker, JayCut, MS Word, Google Docs 
Google Earth Literacy Social studies, English, science 5-12 Google Earth 
Google Lit Trips English 5-12 Google Earth 
Issue Documentary Science, Social Studies 9-12 Video editing, (iMovie, MovieMaker), JayCut, digital camera, video camera (Flip video) 
JFK's Legacy, A Virtual Field Trip History 9-12 Virtual tour, Presentation, Word processor, Make Beliefs Comix, Podcast 
Koosh Review All All SMART Board, SMART Notebook, Koosh ball 
Mayan News Report Social Studies 9-12 Streaming video, Desktop publishing, Podcast, Vodcast, Digital diagraming tools 
Narrated WWII History Reports History 9-12 Google Earth, Jing 
Nonviolence Project - Biographical Sketch History 9-12 Google Docs, Streaming video 
Nonviolence Project - PSA History 9-12 Jing, Google Docs 
Outliners Science, English, Social Studies 5-12  
Powers of Legislative Branch Social Studies 6-8, Puzzle-Maker, SMART Board 
Puzzling Content Materials Any 7-12 Online Crossword Puzzle Generator 
SMART Jeopardy All 5-12 SMART Board, SMART Notebook 
Solar System Science 6-8 PowerPoint, Creately, Internet 
Star Spangled Karaoke History 6-8, 9-12 Internet, Audio media, Blog 
The Periodic Table Chemistry 11-12 Dynamic Periodic Table, Jing, Wiki 
Using Google Docs 3-12 Any Google Docs 
VoiceThread Writing Groups English 5-12 VoiceThread 
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