Ancient Kingdoms of Egypt

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Students will use to create word clouds to compare and evaluate information from multiple web sites. Students will use their Wordle word clouds as tools to analyze information and demonstrate their learning about the ancient kingdoms of Egypt.

Subject Area
World History

Grade Level

Technology Integrated

See lesson pdf attached below.

Individual Activities
1. Read about kingdom 
Students will read the selection from their textbook about their assigned kingdom. 

2. Summarize kingdom 
In writing, students will summarize the key concepts, people, events, and dates about their assigned kingdom. 
a. Written summary 

3. Create Wordle #1 
Students will create a Wordle about their assigned kingdom using the text from their written summary. 
a. Generate Wordle 
b. Save Wordle to Public Gallery 
c. Print Wordle 

4. Internet Search 
a. Locate web site 
Students will use the Internet to locate a second source of information about their assigned kingdom. 

5. Create Wordle #2 
Students will create a Wordle using text from the Internet source they located. 
Students will copy-paste into the Wordle form the text and information from the web site that they think best describes and summarizes their assigned kingdom. 
a. Generate Wordle 
b. Save Wordle to Public Gallery 
c. Print Wordle
Group Activities 
1. Group work 
Students will work in groups comprised of at least four people. 

Groups will be organized so there is at least one member representing each kingdom. 
a. Group sharing 
Students will teach their group members about their assigned kingdom using information from the textbook and the web site they located. 
Students will use the two Wordles they created as visual aides in their presentation to their group. 
b. Venn diagraming 
Students will create a 4 part Venn diagram that identifies the similarities and differences between the four kingdoms. 

2. Create Wordle #3 
As a group, students will create one Wordle that depicts the similarities they found between all four kingdoms. 
Groups will use the information they recorded in their Venn diagram as their source of text for their Wordle. 
a. Generate Wordle 
b. Save Wordle to Public Gallery 
c. Print Wordle 

D. Reflection 
1. Written reflection 
Students will individually reflect in writing about their learning.
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