Creating Wordle Word Clouds

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In this lesson, students will learn how to use to create word clouds that can be used as infographics in other class activities and assignments for analyzing documents, comparing information, word walls, and demonstrating learning.

Subject Area

Grade Level

Technology Integrated

  • See section III. Technology Instruction in lesson pdf attached below.

Introduce word clouds and describe how to create them using 
a. Define word cloud 
b. Range in size of words has meaning 
  • Explain to students why and how the words in Wordle word clouds range in size. 
c. Word cloud tool - 

2. Demonstrate how to use 
a. Typing,Copy-Paste Text 
  • Demonstrate how to copy-paste text from web site into Wordle form. 
  • Emphasize to students that this is the best way to generate a Wordle that accurately reflects topic information. 
b. Link to RSS Feed URL 
  • Instruct students that some web sites do not have an RSS Feed and will not generate a Wordle. 
  • Emphasize to students that this option may not generate a Wordle that accurately reflects desired outcome. 
c. user tags 
  • Emphasize that this only creates a Wordle for the tags a delicious user has tagged their bookmarks with. 
  • Define and explain what a keyword tag is and how it works. 
d. Formatting 
  • Color
  • Font 
  • Layout 
  • Omitting common terms, numbers (options in menu) 
  • Removing terms manually (right-click on term in wordle to remove) 

e. Publishing 
(1) Public Gallery 
(2) Print 
  • Print to paper 
  • Print as PDF 

3. Create sample Wordle 
a. Choose topic 
  • Students will create a sample Wordle about a topic of their choice. 

b. Identify main ideas and keywords 
  • Students will brainstorm ideas and keywords about their topic and type them into the Wordle form. 

c. Enter text 
  • Students will choose the words they want to display larger and type them in multiple times. 

d. Print
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Nov 27, 2010, 9:18 PM