Cuban Missile Crisis Unit

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This unit consists of five parts that leverage various strategies and technology tools to differentiate learning opportunities about the Cuban Missile Crisis. In this unit students will articulate the events and outcomes of the Cuban Missile Crisis, use a graphic organizer to organize the sequence of events of the 13 days of the crisis, explain why the U.S. did not want Soviet missiles in Cuba, analyze President Kennedy's options, and experience and evaluate President Kennedy's speech informing U.S. citizens about the crisis. 

Part I - After reading about the crisis online at the JFK Library & Museum, students will think-pair-share, complete a K-W-L, and participate in creating a class word wall using the classroom SMART Board.

Parts II & III - After watching a YouTube video that presents events and details about the crisis, students will participate in a class discussion to compare the information in the video to the information in the online reading at the JFK Library & Museum. Students will then complete an Internet inquiry/scavenger hunt using the web site and create a timeline about the crisis using a digital diagraming application, such as Students will also add words discovered from the Squidoo site to the word wall.

Part IV - Students will use the Internet to listen to a speech by JFK about the crisis ( and watch a slideshow of government photos from the crisis ( As a class, students will watch and discuss short video presentations about the crisis from Brown University's Choices Program ( Students will reflect in writing about what they think they would have been thinking if they were listening to President Kennedy speaking to the American public on October 22, 1962. 

Part V - Students will demonstrate their learning about the crisis by creating a project from a unit menu (Unit menu: mini-poster (desktop publishing or traditional paper), presentation slideshow, web page, or simulated radio news report (podcast).

Subject Area

Grade Level

Technology Integrated
Internet source material (JFK Library & Museum,
Streaming Video
Digital diagramming tools (Prezi, Mywebspiration, Creately, Spicynodes)

See lesson pdf attached below.
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