Powers of Legislative Branch

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In this lesson students will use a web-based puzzle maker tool to create a crossword puzzle about the powers of the legislative branch of the U.S. Government. Before they create their crossword puzzles, students will first read web-based documents and use Diigo.com tools to bookmark, highlight, and annotate key information. 

Subject Area
Social Studies, Government, Civics

Grade Level

Technology Integrated
Diigo.com for social bookmarking, highlighting, and annotating
Web-based puzzle maker tool

See lesson pdf attached below.

Students will be assigned to read and highlight (using Diigo account) web-based material about the legislative branch of the U.S. Government. Reading material will be assigned to students according to their individual reading level based on NWEA and MCA-II test results. (Because of the length of URL, students will be given slips of paper with the URLs they should read based on their reading level. This will also allow students to be directed to material specific to their reading level without directing attention to the fact that all students are not accessing the same exact web page.) 

Students reading below grade level will be directed to the following web pages: 

Students reading at or above grade level will be directed to the following web pages: 

Students who read below grade level could also be directed to the following pages which is targeted toward students with grades 3-5 reading level: 

  • Students will identify and list key vocabulary / terms from their reading and they will share them by writing their terms on a classroom word wall. The SmartBoard will be used to create the classroom word wall. (The teacher will complete the word wall as necessary with any terms not included by students.) 
  • Students will complete a Sum-It-Up activity to summarize in writing the important information from the readings. 
  • Students will list 3-5 terms they feel best represent the information they read and then they will write a 100 word summary statement about the Legislative Branch. 
  • Students will create a crossword (criss-cross) puzzle using 15 terms from the word wall. 
  • Students will select 15 terms from the word wall. 
  • Students will create descriptive clues about the meaning for each of the 15 terms. 
  • Students will type their terms and clues into the puzzlemaker template. 
  • Students will generate and print their completed crossword puzzle. 
  • Students will complete a crossword (criss-cross) puzzle created by the teacher that uses 15 terms from the word wall. (Multiple crossword puzzles will be created for students using clues at varying reading levels for students who read at and above grade level and students who read below grade level.) 
John Lustig,
Nov 28, 2010, 7:32 AM