A. Leadership
  • Implemented instructional coaching model for teachers PreK-12.
  • Re-established district’s Action for Healthy Kids Committee.
  • Facilitated visioning and action planning with instructional technology coaches.
B. Organizational Management
  • Led district technology committee.
  • Implemented student survey for 7-12 students and staff.
  • Active member of Q-Comp Advisory Council.
C. Diversity Leadership
  • Implemented district equitable education plan.
  • Collected baseline data and developed dashboard to monitor impact of equity plan.
  • Led equity planning retreat with district principal leadership team.
D. Policy and Law
  • Created employee investigation resources for administrative team.
  • Informed administrative team about Smart Snacks in School Guidelines.
  • Developed bullying reporting resources.
E. Political Influence and Governance
  • Liaison to political advocacy groups regarding referendum information.
  • Presented two "state of technology" reports to the school board.
  • Met with Minnesota Senator Kathy Sheran, Superintendent Paul Peterson and School Board Member Bob Meeks.
F. Communication
  • Developed facilities bond referendum information plan, social media plan, and referendum information mailings.
  • Presented about online privacy, Internet safety and digital citizenship.
  • Assisted students and administration to communicate information via streaming video.
G. Community Relations
  • Organized guest speakers from Saint Peter Public Schools to speak at St. Peter Rotary.
  • Created FAQ for the facilities bond referendum and responded to community questions.
  • Contributed guest article to St. Peter Herald newspaper.
H. Curriculum Planning and Development for the Success of All Learners
  • Revised curriculum improvement process for curriculum writing and personnel.
  • Led district technology sub-committee for curriculum and instruction.
  • Implemented Shared Virtual Space blended learning initiative
I. Instructional Management for the Success of All Learners
  • Conducted 66 classroom walkthrough observations.
  • Facilitated quarterly digital instruction reflection activities for 140 teachers.
  • Coached 15 teachers in using data to inform their instruction.
J. Human Resource Management
  • Member of hiring teams for new TOSA and digital learning specialist.
  • Conducted annual summative evaluations for 9 teachers and 2 classified staff members.
  • Assisted in the development of the 2015-2016 Middle/High School master schedule.
K. Values and Ethics of Leadership
  • Developed Facilities Bond Referendum FAQ and Information Plan resources.
  • Facilitated flex learning day planning inservice workshops with M/HS teachers.
  • Led the evaluation and reorganization of instructional coaches in the Q-Comp plan.
L. Judgment and Problem Analysis
  • Developed three year technology plan around student and staff needs.
  • Developed data dashboard to analyze community feedback about bond referendum.
  • Created student survey and implementation plan at Saint Peter Middle/High School.
M. Safety and Security
  • Established a new a school visitor check-in system.
  • Implemented a new online bullying reporting system.
  • Led the development of an emergency calling system for riders of specific school bus routes.


A. Instructional Leadership
  • Coordinated and led instructional rounds\ (IRPs) observations for K-12 teachers.
  • Coached teacher coaches in use of data to inform math instruction to meet needs of all students.
  • Organized and facilitated quarterly teacher reflections for integrating technology into instruction.
B. Monitor Student Learning
  • Developed data dashboards for monitoring the student achievement gap.
  • Organized and implemented student surveys in grades 7-12.
  • Implemented Clarity survey for students in grades 3-12.
C. K-12 Leadership
  • Facilitated administrative retreat to analyze equity plan implementation at PreK-2, 3-6 and 7-12.
  • Represented Saint Peter Public Schools on MVED’s Assistive Technology Committee.
  • Conducted a district-wide grade reconfiguration study based on teacher licensing and assignment preferences for K-1, 2-4, 5-8 and 9-12.