We conclude that in the field of public education the doctrine of 
'separate but equal' has no place.
- Earl Warren

Education Plan

Implemented district equitable education plan at South Elementary, North Intermediate and Saint Peter Middle/High School
  1. Created Equitable Education Plan framework.
  2. Developed framework tools & resources for building principals.
  3. Reported to superintendent about progress.


North Equitable Education T-Chart for Data Analysis

Equity Education Action Plan North Intermediate 14-15

Equity Dashboards

Collected baseline data and developed dashboard to monitor impact of equity plan.
  1. Created dashboard template.
  2. Collected student achievement, behavior and demographic data for each building & district .
  3. Built equity dashboard for each building & district.

Equity Dashboard Worksheets

End of Year Admin
Equity Retreat

Led equity planning retreat with district administrative leadership team
  1. Scheduled retreat with building principals and superintendent.
  2. Developed retreat agenda and format.
  3. Organized retreat materials.
  4. Facilitated retreat activities & discussions.

Equitable Education Plan Retreat - June 8, 2015

Equitable Education Plan = PMI

Equity Fishbone

Equitable Education Plan Call To Action Planning