Great vision without great people is irrelevant. 
- Jim Collins

Hiring Team for TOSA 
& Digital Learning Specialist

Member of hiring teams for new TOSA and digital learning specialist
  1. Participated in team planning sessions to shift role of next TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment) to focus on instructional coaching and curriculum support. 
  2. Participated in adjusting TOSA job description to reflect changes to the position.
  3. Member of interview teams for hiring a new TOSA and Digital Learning Specialist.
  4. Updated job description for Digital Learning Specialist.
  5. Created interview questions for Digital Learning Specialist.
  6. Vetted applicants for Digital Learning Specialist.
  7. Scheduled interviews for Digital Learning Specialist.
  8. Interviewed Digital Learning Specialist.
  9. Conducted reference checks for position finalists.

Digital Learning Specialist Job Description

TOSA Job Description--C&I Coordinator

Copy of Interview Questions for Digital Learning Specialist 2015