We do not learn from experience...
we learn from reflecting on experience.
- John Dewey

Classroom Walkthroughs

Conducted 66 classroom walkthrough observations
  1. Scheduled classroom walkthroughs at MVED and Saint Peter Middle/High School.
  2. Conducted 66 classroom walkthrough observations and provided feeddback to teachers.
  3. Provided reflective questions to teachers for each walkthrough observation in their classroom. 

MVED Walkthrough Schedule 2014-15

Walkthrough Reflection Questions Log

Quarterly Reflection on Technology Integration

Facilitated quarterly digital instruction reflection activities for 140 teachers
  1. Created quarterly reflection guide with topics, rubric, and guidelines.
  2. Presented quarter reflection overview and expectations to building principals.
  3. Presented quarterly reflection overview and expectations to teachers.
  4. Created online reflection submission and shared document generation.
  5. Provided teachers feedback regarding their self-analysis and reflection for using technology in their instruction.

Quarterly Reflection Report Form

Quarterly Reflection on the Impact of Digital Technology on Pedagogy ‎(Responses)‎

Instructional Coaching

Coached 15 teachers in using data to inform instruction  
  1. Faciliated organizational meeting of instructional coaches.
  2. Facilitated building level instructional coaches meetings at South Elementary and North Intermediate. 
  3. Participated in coaches training with instructional coaches.
  4. Provided coaching support and feedback to instructional coaches.
  5. Created instructional coaching schedule for coaches at North Intermediate.