A higher rate of urgency does not imply ever-present panic, anxiety, or fear. 
It means a state in which complacency is virtually absent.
- John P. Kotter

District Technology Committee 

Led district technology committee
  1. Organized and facilitated monthly technology committee & sub-committee meetings.
  2. Managed technology budget.
  3. Recommended technology system upgrades: Internet bandwidth, mobile phone plan, 2015 summer projects.
  4. Conducted technology systems needs assessment: inventory, satisfaction, climate, skills, application.
  5. Developed technology systems action plan. 

Tech Committee Schedule 14-15

Technology Purchases Plan 2015

2015 Technology Summer Projects Plan

2015 Staff Technology Inventory Report

Executive Summary - 2016-2018 Tech Plan

Implemented 7-12
Student Survey

Implemented student survey for 7-12 students and staff
  1. Created online survey.
  2. Scheduled students to complete survey.
  3. Shared data & results with teachers and principals.

Student Survey 2015 - Directions

Student Survey Link Dashboard

Student Survey Schedule 2015

Advisory Council

Active member of Q-Comp Advisory Council
  1. Participated in monthly committee meetings.
  2. Development of annual Q-Comp budget.
  3. Proposed role changes of teacher & technology coaches.
  4. Evaluated Q-Comp teacher leaders.

3 23 15 Q-Comp Budget Worksheet

Standards of Effective Teacher Leadership

Standards of Effective Teacher Leadership