The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be 
the philosophy of government in the next.
- Abraham Lincoln

Investigation Resources

Created employee investigation resources for administrative team
  1. Researched employee discipline procedures, guidelines & laws.
  2. Surveyed administrative team about their understanding and practice regarding employee discipline laws.
  3. Created templates and sample documents for Tennessen & Garrity warnings.
  4. Created resource packet for administrative team during employee discipline situations. 

Employment Investigation Resources

Sample Tennessen Warning

Sample Garrity Warning

Smart Snacks in Schools

Informed administrative team about Smart Snacks in School Guidelines
  1. Researched USDA Smart Snacks in Schools Guidelines.
  2. Conducted compliance analysis of current practices with Smart Snacks in Schools guidelines.
  3. Presented findings and recommendations to school district administrators and food service director.
  4. Presented information to Action for Healthy Kids Committee.

Smart Snacks Overview

Bullying Reporting Process

Developed bullying reporting resources
  1. Created online forms for students, staff, parents, and community members to report bullying to school officials.
  2. Published online forms on school website, school social media and on staff Intranet.