Coaches are change agents, engineers, they help people in schools build bridges: 
like relationships, coaches speak many languages - "admin speak" and "teacher speak"
- Devino & Fitzsimons

Coordinated & Led Instructional Rounds

Coordinated and led instructionsl rounds (IRPs) observatrions for K-12 teachers
  1. Scheduled and organized participants for instructional rounds protocol observations at MVED.
  2. Facilitated instructional rounds protocol observations at MVED and provided feedback to teachers.
  3. Provided reflective questions to teachers for each IRP in their classroom. 

MVED -- IRP Schedule 2014-15

IRP Feedback for TEACHER

Instructional Coach for Teacher Coaches 

Coached teacher coaches in use of data to inform math instruction to meet needs of all students
  1. Provided coaching to teachers regarding using Viewpoint and data to organize students into leveled groups for stations in math.
  2. Assisted teachers with planning and reflection about implementing interventions as a part of math RtI.

Quarterly Reflections on Tech Integration

Organized and facilitated quarterly teacher reflections for integrating technology into instruction
  1. Presented overview of quarterly reflection framework and topics to teachers during workshop week seminars.
  2. Created online reflection and feedback submission tools.
  3. Provided quarterly feedback to teacher regarding self-assessment and reflection.

Quarterly Reflection Report Form

Digital Outcomes 2014-15